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Take a look at the image below. Is it the same you have on smartphone right now? The answers are below the image:

o i r a e s d
n i n g t d i
s y i l c e e
m i p a a h v
a v o t c i l
i t h m f r a
d e v o c t a

Wordbrain themes Research answers: division, archive, pi, fact, delta, latin, math, omega, discovery

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Other information for Wordbrain themes Research:
The order of the letters from left to right, from top to bottom is oiraesdningtdisyilceemipaahvavotcilithmfradevocta
Level name: Research.
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Download Worbrain themes game:
Wordbrain theme is free to download on Google play and

Wordbrain themes for Windows phone?
At the moment there is only a version for Wordbrain and not for Wordbrain themes for Windows phone. We will provide the link as soon as it will be available.

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WordBrain themes is a very popular Word game, which is very addictive and played by millions of people. WordBrain is a game for the true word geniuses, it may seem very easy at first but insanely hard to complete it all. In fact only a few number of players has achieved solving it without any help.

Our site if the best walkthrough and answer guide, so enjoy playing instead of getting angry why you can’t pass. Don’t lose any more time, start solving each level by only one click.

Enjoy playing WordBrain!

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